The Liberal Democrats in England

The Liberal Democrats in England is a federation of 11 Regional Parties, together with the Young Liberals, who are the youth and student wing of the Liberal Democrats.

The English Council

Each region, and the Young Liberals, elect representatives to the English Council, the governing body of the federation, proportionate to the number of members they have. Find out more information, including this year's meeting schedule and who sits on the English Council HERE.

The English Council Executive

The English Council Executive meets about 6 times a year to oversee the day-to-day management of the English Party between Council Meetings. At the first Executive of the year, both of the Vice-Chairs and Treasurer are elected, as well as the directly elected members for any of its four sub-committees:

  • English Finance & Administration Committee (EFAC) which is chaired by the Treasurer
  • Regional Parties Committee (RPC) which is chaired by the Vice-Chair.
  • English Candidates Committee (ECC)
  • English Policy Committee (EPC)

To find out more information about the English Council Executive, including its current membership and the committees it has to enable it to deliver its remit, please click HERE.

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